Saskatchewan Company Showcases One-of-a-Kind Culinary Oils on Dragons’ Den

Three Farmers seeks financing for acclaimed camelina oil products, renowned for distinct flavours, unique cooking properties and health benefits.

October 5, 2012 (Saskatoon) – Saskatchewan-based camelina oil brand, Three Farmers, is taking its increasingly popular artisanal culinary products to prime time. On Wednesday, October 10th, at 8pm, entrepreneurs Natasha and Elysia Vandenhurk will pitch the companyʼs creations to the cast of CBC’s Dragons’ Den – one of Canada’s most watched television programs – in the hopes of persuading the Dragons to invest in the fast-growing enterprise.

Founded in October 2010, Three Farmers was the first to introduce camelina culinary oil to Canada. Since then, the company has expanded at a rapid pace, growing their sales volume by more than 20% per month. Recently, theyʼve broadened their product line to include new specialty flavours, such as Three Farmers Roasted Onion & Basil and Three Farmers Roasted Garlic & Chili. Should they succeed in front of a national television audience, they hope to scale up production and expand distribution across Canada.

Camelina is an ancient oilseed originating in Northern Europe, and its use in cooking can be traced back to the Bronze Age. Today, it is known as a powerful source of Omega3 and Vitamin E, appealing to a broad base of health-conscious food consumers. The exceptional oil is produced using a cold press technique, ensuring its natural nutrients and flavour remain intact throughout processing. Although the oil is often used for cold cooking applications, its high smoke point of 475°F allows for moderate to high heat cooking, appealing to cooking enthusiasts and gourmet chefs.

In keeping with their commitment to connect producers and consumers, the Three Farmers traceability program enables customers to trace their purchased bottle of oil back to the farmer who grew it – and even to the field in which it was grown – by entering the code on the bottle into the website, or by simply scanning the QR code.

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October 11 at Bacchus Lounge at Earlʼs in Saskatoon

1:30pm – Welcome & Sampling Menu
1:45pm – Dragonsʼ Den Segment Replay
2:00pm – Press Conference / Q&A
2:15pm – Interviews to be Coordinated Upon Request

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