Canada’s Culinary Super Oil Celebrates Three Years on The Market With 800 Retailers and Three New Product Offerings

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (November 25, 2013) Three Farmers camelina oil – the newest culinary super oil on the Canadian scene – has turned three this month, and Three Farmers wants to celebrate by offering Canadians special gift packs just in time for the holiday season. This Canadian grown culinary oil has been coined the most healthy and versatile of all oils! With less saturated fat than even olive oil, a much higher smoke point than flaxseed and walnut oil, and a powerhouse in Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E antioxidants – camelina is showing itself to displace the other former heavy weight oils like canola, coconut and olive oil amongst foodies and chefs across the country.

In just three short years, Three Farmers, Canada’s top camelina producer, has made the product available to Canadians in more than eight hundred retails – entering three new stores just this month; offering three flavours including Original, Roasted Garlic & Chili and Roasted Onion & Basil to Canadians across the nation.

“To celebrate our third birthday, we’re selling 100ml Trio and 250ml Duo Gift Sets of our three flavours, for a limited time,” says Natasha Vandenhurk, CEO of Three Farmers/Canpressco Products, the manufacturers behind the label. “We’ve been overwhelmed with the response received in the last few years from Canadians who have tried camelina oil, and these special gift sets will allow those who have not yet tried it, an opportunity to do so.”

The seed itself is actually ancient, with strong roots in Europe; however, it wasn’t until 2010 when Three Farmers began to harvest the camelina sativa plant right here on Saskatchewan soil. The new oil can be used as a direct recipe replacement for all oils, including the staples of olive and canola. For those who typically use olive oil, they will want to take note that camelina has high Omega 3 fatty acids and a rare form of Vitamin E antioxidants which olive oil doesn’t; even compared head to head with the purest of virgin olive oils. For those who typically use canola oil, they would do well in recognizing camelina’s higher smoke point, longer shelf life and improved health profile. Further to this, few of today’s canola oils can claim to be non GMO, non- refined and processed entirely without the use of chemicals. For those with a discriminating palate, they will appreciate camelina’s natural, clean taste.

Grown with sustainable farming in mind, the Three Farmers organization works hard to ensure that its pure and natural roots are upheld throughout all stages of processing. “From planting to growing, harvesting and crushing, we ensure pure and natural, chemical free activities and full transparency,” said Vandenhurk. “Our Non-GMO certification,expeller cold-pressed crushing approach and bottle traceability programs prove this.” The bottle traceability program makes purchasing camelina oil a bit more personal as consumers can track exactly where and when their specific batch of oil was produced. “It’s a unique tool and we encourage consumers to take advantage of this,” she says.

For the balance of 2013 and over the holidays, Three Farmers invite Canadians to take part in their birthday celebrations by trying one or more of their recipesposted on their website. Consumers are also encouraged to share their views of the product via twitter @ThreeFarmers or post
on Facebook details about how camelina fares (taste, functionality, etc.) relative to other cooking oils frequently used in the kitchen.


Three Farmers is a small group of Saskatchewan farmers passionate about growing natural and healthy food and dedicated to providing a personal connection between consumers and producers.Founded in October 2010, Three Farmers was the first to introduce camelina culinary oil to Canada. Noted for having high levels of Omegas and Vitamin E, a high smoke point and long shelf life, their expeller cold- pressed oil has a truly unique profile, relative to other oils on the market.

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