In April 2014 we started making preparations for our next big press of camelina seed. Farmer Colin set to work cleaning the seed to ensure that the dust, chaff and any other particles that may create problems for the press were cleaned away and we were left with a beautiful batch of camelina seed.

This batch of seed had been planted in 2013. It was Spring seeded that year and given the intense moisture that Southeast Saskatchewan experienced that year, getting into the fields was a challenge. Colin and his crew managed to get the camelina seeded the last week of May and they watched intently as the growing season progressed. July and August turned out great weather and the camelina came up beautifully. In late August 2013, they harvested their camelina and stored it away in their bin for the time in which we would need it.

Colin hauled the seed to Golburn Valley Oilmills the week of May 1st. Golburn set to work pressing the following week. We let the oil settle for a week and then filtered and hauled it to Northern Nutraceuticals in Spalding for bottling.

The crew at Spalding set to work mixing up batches of our roasted onion & basil camelina oil. By the end of May, we had completed another run of this flavourful oil. We hope you enjoy!

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