In June 2013, we found ourselves running short on our Three Farmers Garlic & Chili Flavoured Camelina Oil – it was time to fire up the presses once again. We shipped another batch of our Camelina Seed to Golburn Valley Oilmills in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. This Camelina Seed was grown by Colin Rosengren. It was seeded on May 18, 2012. The growing conditions early on that year were wet and humid but come July the sun came out and we finished the growing season with hot and dry conditions. On August 22nd Colin harvested a beautiful crop of Camelina.

In early June 2013 we completed another pressing of our Camelina seed. The Camelina Oil was then shipped up the road to Northern Nutraceuticals in Spalding, Saskatchewan. The Garlic and Chili flavors had arrived and we set to work adding the perfect amount to complement the earthy taste of our Camelina Oil. We then bottled the flavored oil up and began distributing to our wonderful retailers across Canada!

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