Due to the high demand we received the previous Holiday Season for gift sets of our oils, we began discussing early in 2013 how we could package our oil into gift sets for the 2013 Christmas Season. This led to us launching a new size of product – a 100ml bottle that can easily be tucked into stockings or added to gift baskets. So to get a jump on the busy Fall, we began bottling our 100ml products in September.

On July 29th, Golburn Valley Oilmills set to work pressing another batch of our Camelina seed. This batch was from Colin Rosengren, It was seeded on May 18, 2012. The growing conditions early on that year were wet and humid but come July the sun came out and we finished the growing season with hot and dry conditions. On August 22nd Colin harvested a beautiful crop of Camelina.

Once the oil had been pressed and settled, it was transferred to Northern Nutraceuticals in Spalding, SK. By the end of August, Kevin, Darla and our crew of ladies were bottling our very first batch of fully traceabile 100ml Original. We hope you enjoy!

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