Men’s Health Month

Men’s Health Week is June 15th – 20th

Are you taking care of your health? Here are 5 categories that play the biggest roll in your Health and a few ways to help you may some better choices along the way!


According to the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation, 70% of a man’s overall health is dependant on their lifestyle choices. The foundation has identified 5 lifestyle factors that commonly contribute to the health status of Canadian men. These factors include: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Mental Health, Sleep, and Alcohol Consumption.



  • It can be hard to obtain optimal nutrition when we spend our days snacking instead of sitting down for full meals daily. Snacking healthy is not always our first instinct however, with some simple swaps at the grocery store, you can ensure you are staying nourished while you snack. Start by ditching the potato chips and grabbing a bag of much more nutrient dense crunchy snack, such as Three Farmers Pea Pops or Crunchy Little Lentils. These snacks are a great source of fibre which will keep you full for longer periods of time than the starch filled alternatives.
  • Lastly, try substituting pop for water or a carbonated water with fresh fruit for added flavor. A refreshing alternative to soda is adding a slice of lemon and lime to a glass of club soda.


Physical Activity

  • Physical activity plays a huge role in the overall health and wellness of individuals. Many assume that to be physically active, one must spend hours in a gym or run for miles a day however, this is not the case. There are many ways to keep physically active such as playing a sport, riding your bike, or even doing everyday activities around the house or yard such as sweeping and gardening. Physical activity does not have to be a chore, try out different activities until you find something that you enjoy or increase your daily movement by taking the stairs or parking farther away from work to get in a short walk.


Mental Health

  • Stress and anxiety can take a toll on your health if not managed properly. Unfortunately, men typically are not great at managing stress and anxiety and instead bury it away or ignore it. The first step in managing stress is to acknowledge it, you can not relief stress if you do not know you are stressed. Once you have acknowledged your stress, start by taking a deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds, then exhale. Repeat this breathing exercise again. This type of breathing sends signals to your brain that you are safe, and you will slowly begin to relax.



  • Sleep is such an important part of health and it is often overlooked. Sleep play an important role in regulating energy, optimizing brain function, and the repair of cells. Research suggests that men who sleep 7 to 8 hours a night are 60% less likely to develop heart disease than those who sleep for 5 hours or less. It is not always easy to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a night, especially if you are a dad with young children that like to set their own sleep schedules. Try following some of the tips from Sleep Foundation on Healthy Sleep Tips.


Alcohol Consumption

  • Statistics Canada reported that in 2015, men consumed a higher proportion of alcohol when compared to females. It was also reported that men were more likely than women to exceed the Canadian Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines of 15 drinks a week with no more than three drinks a day most days. To reduce the risk of developing these adverse health conditions, it is recommended that men set a limit of 10 drinks per week.



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